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Fundraising for awareness about land grabbing

Our latest production Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas investigates land grabbing and the impact foreign land investments have on people’s lives. For us this documentary is more than just a film. It’s a campaign, based on witness statements, proving what goes on on the ground in Ethiopia. We are enormously grateful to the people in the film who shared their voices and stories with us. The best way to make their efforts heard, is to make sure the film spreads as far as possible. 

Every day we are trying to reach out with Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas, either by talking to NGOs or posting and communicating on social media. But with more funding we could do more. Some things we would like to do:

-Translate the film not only into Amharic, Afaan Oromo and Spanish, but also into Indonesian, Sudanese, Somali & Akan
-Set up free screenings for more communities around the world that have been affected by land grabbing
-Plan an ambitious tour of the film for the Ethiopian diaspora communities around the world, beginning in the US and Canada

If you want to help us spread this film wide and far please donate by clicking the button below. Thank you!