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CPH:DOX 2008
Amnesty Award
Amsterdam, IDFA 2008
Joris Ivens Award
Movies that Matter Human Rights Award
Sundance Film Festival 2009
World Cinema Documentary Editing Award
Berlinale 2009
Cinema for Peace International Human Rights Film Award
Bodil (Danish Golden Globe) 2009:
Best Documentary
Boulder International Film Festival 2009
Grand Prix
Robert  Danish Film Academy Award 2009
Best Long Documentary
ZagrebDox 2009
Movies that Matter Human Rights Award
Special mention
The Vaclav Havel Special Award
Student Jury Award
11th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 
Amnesty International Award
Anne Dellinger Grand Jury Award
Center for Documentary Studies Filmmaker Award
Full Frame / Working Films Award
ITS ALL TRUE – 14th International Documentary Film Festival – Sao Paulo
Best Documentary


Producerad av: 040

In Burma ”Joshua”, a young video journalist of 27, works undercover to counter the military regimes propaganda and keep the world informed about the state of affairs inside the closed country. Armed with small handycams Joshua and a handful of other reporters, venture out into the streets to make news reportages at great personal risk. Their material is smuggled out of the country and broadcast back into Burma via satellite.

When, in September 2007, peaceful Buddhist monks led a massive uprising against Burma’s military regime, Burma - after decades of oblivion - suddenly returned to the world stage. Foreign TV crews were banned from entering the country, so it was left to Joshua and his crew to document the events. It was their footage that kept the revolution alive on TV screens all over the world. Joshua is thrown into the role as tactical leader of his group of reporters. Amidst marching monks, brutal police officers, and shooting military they embark on their dangerous mission and work around the clock to keep the world informed. The regime quickly understands the power of the camera and the reporters are constantly chased by government intelligence agents who look at the ”media saboteurs” as the biggest prey they can get. During the turbulent days of September, Joshua finds himself on an emotional rollercoaster between hope and despair, as he frantically tries to keep track of his reporters in the streets while the great uprising unfolds and comes to its tragic end.

WG film is co-producing a film by the eminent director Anders Østergaard on the Burma VJ:s. This is a co production with Magic Hour Films in Copenhagen. The Swedish support comes from SVT and Swedish Film Institue.


"... It is quite simply superb in all its shocking horror, and one may only conclude that Østergaard and his award-winning Burma VJ deserves a huge audience."
Urban, Louise Kidde Sauntved

"Anders Østergaard’s award-winning film on video reporters in Burma tells the story of tiny hopes amidst a reign of terror.
It is a film one drinks in."
Politiken, Dorte Hygum Sørensen

"Burma VJ is an impressive film. Tough, bold, and in your face (...) the images speak for themselves. It is not difficult to understand why the jury of the major documentary festival in Amsterdam chose it as the best documentary film of the year and as film of the year in the Movies that Matter category."
Jyllandsposten, Sophie Engberg Sonne

"The documentary Burma VJ, which has already won major awards, fills viewers with a powerful combination of fright, sympathy and indignation."
Berlingske Tidende, Ebbe Iversen

"Anders Østergaard made his mark as one of the best documentary directors in the country ages ago. (...)
[As] a tribute to a series of citizens who try to make a difference against all the odds, the film is unsurpassed and completely inescapable.
Ekstra Bladet, Henrik Queitsch

"The anonymous cameramen of Burma provide vital, courageous journalism, which Anders Østergaard documents convincingly and admirably."
Ekko, Carsten Jensen

"A moving, powerful documentary that makes the predicament of this oppressed nation tangible and vivid, showing us that in Burma too the dictatorship has got to fall.
‘Our cause, our cause” they chant in the film. Precisely: our cause, too."
Nordjyske, Bent Stenbakken

Movies That Matter Award, IDFA 2008

" Burma VJ's ­- Reporting from a closed country by Anders Østergaard, with 'Joshua' and his fellow cameramen, is not just a thrilling inside report on last year's uprising in one of the most isolated countries in the world, but also an intelligent analysis of the democratic potential of modern technology. At a time when foreign journalists were not allowed into the country, reporters from within the community picked up their small camera's, risked their life and sent their images across the world. Burma had been off the world's radar for two decades. But these cameramen brought it back from Jupiter to Planet Earth. They offer us the initial tension, the unimaginable image of a procession of monks chanting through the streets of Rangoon, the utter excitement of the crowds on the rooftops, the lonely pixels of Aung San Suu Kyi's face at her gateway, the courage of people gathering yet again on the morning after the army moved in, and then the heartbreak. After
making the people of Burma visible to the world, the cameramen themselves disappeared. In the end, Burma VJ left us breathless, sad, angry and yet somehow hopeful. It is with this hope that we offer Anders Ostergaard and his Birmese colleagues the Movies That Matter Award."

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Burma VJ, Garaget (Folkets bio)

Malmö, Sweden

Burma VJ, Lodz Camerimage 2009
2009.11.28 - 2009.12.05
Burma VJ, Verzio Documentary Film Festival
Burma VJ, Free Zone Film Festival 2009


Burma VJ, Astra Film Festival 2009


2009.10.26 - 2009.11.01
Burma VJ, International Television and Film Festival


2009.10.08 - 2009.10.13
Burma VJ, Int. Documentary Film Festival 2009


2009.10.08 - 2009.10.15
Burma VJ, International Film Festival 2009

Chicago, USA

2009.10.08 - 2009.10.21
Burma VJ, Int. Documentary Film Festival


Burma VJ, Middle East International Film Festival


Burma VJ, Cinéma Vérité, Documentary Film Festival

Tehran, Iran

Burma VJ, International Film Festival 2009

Vancouver, USA

2009.10.01 - 2009.10.16
Burma VJ, Film Festival 2009


2009.08.12 - 2009.08.20
Burma VJ, Int. Documentary Festival


2009.08.05 - 2009.08.09
Burma VJ, Melbourne International Film Festival

Date to be confirmed.

2009.08.01 - 2009.08.31
Burma VJ, Uhuru Productions, Tri Continental Film Festival

Cape Town

Burma VJ, Paris Cinema 2009

Paris, France

2009.07.03 - 2009.07.14
Burma VJ, Jerusalem Film Festival

Date to be confirmed.

2009.07.01 - 2009.07.31
Burma VJ, Moscow Int. Film Festival

Moscow, Russia

2009.06.18 - 2009.06.27
Burma VJ, SilverDocs Documentary Film Festival

Washington DC, US

2009.06.15 - 2009.06.22
Burma VJ, Human Rights Film Festival

New York, US

2009.06.11 - 2009.06.25
Burma VJ, Human Rights Watch Film Festival

New York, USA

2009.06.11 - 2009.06.25
Burma VJ, Sydney Film Festival 2009

Sydney, Australia

2009.06.03 - 2009.06.21
Burma VJ, Mountain Film Festival 2009


2009.05.22 - 2009.05.25
Burma VJ, International Film Festival 2009

Seattle, USA

2009.05.21 - 2009.06.14
Burma VJ, Planete Doc Review 2009

Warsaw, Poland

2009.05.09 - 2009.05.18
Burma VJ, Cine Documental EDOC 2009


2009.05.07 - 2009.05.24
Burma VJ, München Documentary Festival 2009

München, Germany

Burma VJ, Human Rights Film Festival

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Burma VJ, International Film Festival 2009


2009.04.30 - 2009.05.08
Burma VJ, Hot Docs Int. Documentary Festival


2009.04.30 - 2009.05.10
Burma VJ, Documentary & Short Film Festival 2009

Krakow, Polen

2009.04.29 - 2009.06.04
Burma VJ, Visions du Réel


2009.04.23 - 2009.04.29
Burma VJ, International Film Festival 2009

Banja Luka

2009.04.23 - 2009.04.29
Burma VJ, Newport Beach Film Festival 2009

Newport Beach

2009.04.23 - 2009.04.30
Burma VJ, San Francisco Int. Film Festival

San Francisco, USA

2009.04.23 - 2009.05.07
Burma VJ, Tribeca Film Festival 2009

New York, USA

2009.04.22 - 2009.05.03
Burma VJ, Singapore International Film Festival 2009


2009.04.14 - 2009.04.25
Burma VJ, Full Frame 2009


2009.04.02 - 2009.04.05
Burma VJ, Amnesty Int. Movies that Matter Festival


2009.04.02 - 2009.04.08
Burma VJ, Tel Aviv Docaviv Int. Documentary Film Festival
Burma VJ, It's All True Int. Documentary FF

Sao Paulo

2009.03.25 - 2009.04.05
Burma VJ, Festival de Cine Independiente

Buenos Aires, Brazil

2009.03.25 - 2009.04.05
Burma VJ, Hong Kong International Film Festival

Hong Kong, China

2009.03.23 - 2009.04.13
Burma VJ, Cinema Rio

Stockholm, Sweden

2009.03.20 - 2009.03.26
Burma VJ, Cinema Roy

Göteborg, Sweden

2009.03.20 - 2009.03.26
Burma VJ, Cinema Spegeln

Malmö, Sweden

2009.03.20 - 2009.03.26
Burma VJ, Cinema Kino

Lund, Sweden

2009.03.20 - 2009.03.26
Burma VJ, Vilnius International Film Festival 2009


2009.03.20 - 2009.04.04
Burma VJ, 9th Annual Human Rights Film Festival


2009.03.19 - 2009.03.26
Burma VJ, EuroDoc Film Festival 2009

Oslo, Norway

2009.03.18 - 2009.03.22
Burma VJ, Human Rights Film Festival

London, U.K

2009.03.18 - 2009.03.27
Burma VJ, Doc Lounge

Malmö, Sweden

Burma VJ, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Athens, Greece

2009.03.13 - 2009.03.22
Burma VJ, South by South West 2009

Austin, Texas

2009.03.13 - 2009.03.21
Burma VJ, Showcase 2009

Weelington, New Zealand


2009.03.13 - 2009.03.25
Burma VJ, Human Rights Film Festival

London, England

2009.03.12 - 2009.03.21
Burma VJ, One World Human Rights Festival

Prauge, Czech Republic

2009.03.11 - 2009.03.19
Burma VJ, Tempo Dokumentärfestival

Stockholm, Sweden

2009.03.04 - 2009.03.08
Burma VJ, Dox Box

Damascus, Syria

2009.03.04 - 2009.03.11
Burma VJ, DOCNZ Documentary Film Festival

Auckland, New Zealand

2009.02.26 - 2009.04.05
Burma VJ, ZagrebDox 2009

Zagreb, Croatia

2009.02.23 - 2009.03.01
Burma VJ, True/False Film Fest

Columbia, Missouri

2009.02.21 - 2009.03.01
Burma VJ, Mexico City Intl Contemp FF 2009

Mexico, South America

2009.02.17 - 2009.03.01
Burma VJ, Festival of Independent Films


2009.02.12 - 2009.02.22
Burma VJ, Boulder International Film Festival

Colorado, United States

2009.02.12 - 2009.02.15
Burma VJ, Berlinale 2009

Berlin, Germany

2009.02.05 - 2009.02.15
Burma VJ, Danmarks filmakademi

Köpenhamn, Danmark


International Film Festival, Barcelona

2009.01.27 - 2009.02.01
Burma VJ, Göteborgs filmfestival

Göteborg, Sweden

2009.01.23 - 2009.02.02
Burma VJ, Santa Barbara International Film Festival

California, U.S

2009.01.22 - 2009.02.01
Burma VJ, Helsinki International Film festival

Helsinki, Finland

2009.01.20 - 2009.01.25
Burma VJ, Sundance Film Festival

Park City, Utah, USA

2009.01.15 - 2009.01.25
IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival

Amsterdam, Netherlands

2008.11.20 - 2008.11.30
CPH:DOX Film Festival

Copenhagen, Denmark

2008.11.07 - 2008.11.16