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About the film

Final Image accompanies Andrés Henrichsen and his mother Heather on their quest to find the truth and to get to know the dead father. The court case in Chile triggers an investigation and a need to uncover the facts surrounding Leonardo’s murder, and becomes their first chance to encounter the father’s friends and colleagues, to learn about his life and work and the history of the continent, that he captured.

Along this journey, we witness the most important events in Latin America during the 1950s and 1960s, filmed by Leonardo. During their search, Andrés and Heather are accompanied by Enrique Carmona, a journalist who investigated Henrichsen’s murder for more than 20 years and has great knowledge about the case and the recent Latin American history. 

Jan Sandquist, a Swedish journalist who worked with Leonardo for SVT, offers the first piece of the puzzle to the 1973 events. We hear his personal memories of the events and he tells about Chile, the tension, the opposition to Salvador Allende, the surprise with the military coup. We see SVT footage from end of 1960s and beginning of the 1970s, the continent gradually spinning into a spiral of violence. Eduardo Labarca and Douglas Huvner, journalists at Chile Films narrate the risky operations behind the rescue, and broadcast of the images recorded by Leonardo Henrichsen before he died. The fascinating distribution of the footage around the world. During the Pinochet’ government, Henrichsen’s murder faded into thousands of other murders. Enrique Carmona tracks 24 cases of journalists killed during the dictatorship. Henrichsen’s was just the kick start for 20 years of repression of the press. We will follow Andrés and Heather during their search into the archives for photographs, newspaper clippings, and family footage. We accompany them through part of the case, in which Pinochet and Rodriguez Grez his lawyer, are to be seated on the accuser’s dock. The launching of the case is perhaps a way to make up for those 30 years of silence and stillness. We will get to know the story behind Leonardo’s last images, some of the most famous in history, and along with them an important part of the history of Latin America. The impressive last images of Leonardo will come in the end of the film, in a rare color copy recently found. Repeated, in slow motion, until we can predict every gesture, every movement, every frame.

Final Image Pressbook

The Pressbook contains pictures, synopsis, music cue sheet etc. Download:

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