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  • Golden Gate Award Winner, San Fransisco International Film Festival, USA
  • Le Prix Planete, Marseille Documentary Film Festival, France
  • Golden Dove and Young Jury prize in International Leipzig Film Festival for Documentary and Animated Films, Germany
  • Bayrischen Rundfunks filmprize (2500 EUR), Regensburg Short Film Week, Germnay
  • Filmblicken, Umeå Filmfestival
  • Nomineed for a Guldbagge - best documentary film.



  • The Kodak Award, International Short Film Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Honorary Mention, Norwegian Documentary Film Festival, Volda, Norway



Regensburg Short Film Festival, 20th of November 2002

The jury for Regensburg Short Film Festival has awarded Boogie Woogie Daddy the big prize for the festival. The prize is called Kurzfilmpreis des Bayerischen Rundfunks – Film und Teleclub.

The jury´s motivation follows:

The dramatic documentary "Boogie Woogie Daddy by Erik Bäfving from Sweden about a father slowly drifting away from his family masterly combines form and content, the hidden photographic negatives symbolizing the flip-side of the positive father-figure. Unpathetic, universal stroytelling within a cleverly built dramatic structure and a sensitive sound-scape make this subtle experimental documentary film, the first the filmmaker ever did - a deeply moving cinematic experience. The Jury´s verdict on this film were unanimous.

Leipzig Documentary Film Festival, 20th of October 2002

The jury for Leipzig Documentary Film Festival has awarded Boogie Woogie Daddy the festivals main prize Der Goldene Taube.

The jury´s motivation follows:

Based on family photos, Erik Bäfving paints a lively picture of his father's tragic fate. A brief and forceful declaration of love.

The youth jury for Leipzig Documentary Film Festival awards Boogie Woogie Daddy with their prize Leipzig Jugen Preiz.

The jury's motivation follows:

What happens when photography meets with film? The encounter produces an astounding document of a childhood full of questions. In his first film, Erik Bafving tells us the story of his father in a convincing way, a father who changed from a loving daddy who danced the Boogie Woogie into an alcoholic, a stranger. Dramaturgy, editing and music combine into a brief, but moving father-son portray.

Umeå Film Festival, 18th of September 2002

Boogie Woogie Daddy wins the award Filmblicken at Umeå film Festival.

The jury´s motivation follows:

The Filmblicken award goes to a filmmaker that in twelve minutes of love, stills and intensity tells the tender story about his happy, sad father. About his playful games with the children to live music and his disappearance into nothingness – all this without being sentimental.

Sparbankstiftelsen Stipendium of Culture, 25th of April 2002

The jury's motivation follows:

Erik Bäfving is a young filmmaker, who after two documentaries created together with other young collegues, now has shown with his ”Boogie Woogie Daddy”, that he is a hope for new young swedish film in the world. This documentary is the first film he has made on his own, a painful but beautiful film about his absent father. It´s about a wounded relationship between father and son, where the director and writer Erik Bäfving searches for visual traces of his father in the fathers folder of negatives.
The film about a little boys longing and regret for his constantly absent father is a very visual story, where the context seem to last longer than the films duration. Boogie Woogie Daddy has a double perspective – the childs and the grown up filmmaker – and should be a minor classic.
It takes the shape of a roadmovie through the approximately 3000 photo negatives that the father has left behind – which the son handles with loving dialectic.

Photo from family archive

From family archive

From family archive

Photographer: Jarl Bäfving


Some voices about the film:

"The film is an impressively strong try to understand what went on in the head of this long, thin and contradictory man who drank more and more, behind the curtains of the beautiful house."
Belinda Olsson, Aftonbladet

"Boogie Woogie Daddy is a very visual film were the context some how reaches further than the time it actually lasts. The film about a little boys regret ang longing for his constantly absent father has a double perspective. The childs and the grown filmmakers. It could be a minor classic."
Ingela Brovik, Skånska Dagbladet

"Erik Bäfving´s Boogie Woogie Daddy, about a sons insistent attempt to understand a father who failed, is still present in my mind."
Lennart Persson, Kvällsposten

"A personal and touching film"
Anna Lundevall, Svenska Dagbladet

Erik Bäfving

Erik Bäfving

Erik Bäfving

Erik Bäfving