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Thin Ice english synopsis, 50 words

Dolkar, a young Buddhist woman from Ladakh in the Himalayas wants to play ice hockey. She and her friends tries too make ice to skate on, get equipment and coaching. But the biggest problem is that the men in charge don’t think women ice hockey is important.


Thin Ice english synopsis, 300 words

Dolkar, a young Buddhist woman from Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas wants too play ice hockey. She and her girlfriends in school have to create all that is needed from scratch, everything from ice hockey skates and sticks to the very ice they skate on. When they want to participate in the annual Hockey tournament they face opposition. The men in charge, the board of the winter sport club prefer ice dance from the girls, not ice hockey. When the girls are not allowed to take part in the competition they protest and Dolkar becomes their natural leader.

Press kit

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Monks watching the game

Dolkar is being embraced