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George Wilson from London and Reinhardt … from Nürnberg have a difficult mission (mission impossible). Together with their men from Fagioli – PLC they are going to dismantle the worlds largest crane and move it to South Chorea. In February next year the crane will be working at the Hyundai Shipyard in Ulsan. By then 8000 tons have been moved from northern Europe through Biscay, Gibraltar sund, The Suez Canal over the Indiska Oceanen till Japanska Sjön.
The crane was the worlds largest when it was build in 1974. Then Kockums in Malmö was the most modern shipyard in the world. The workers and the inhabitants of Malmö were proud. Along with the crisis in the shipping industry came the sorrow and an erased identity. But crane was left at its position, 137 meters high – a landmark and a symbol for Malmö.
Now the old shipyard will be exploited, the crane is in the way. Now it will build oilrigs in Ulsan.

The work is spectacular. Enormous cranes have been dismantled before, blown away by dynamite (Uddevalla, Sweden, footages available). But to dismantle the crane and the rebuild it is almost an impossible mission. In the middle of July the ends of the huge crane beam, the size of a three-story building, will be cut off. Gigantic jacks will lower the beam to the ground. At this moment the beam is förstärkt where the lyftanordningar will be fästa. The loweringoperation demands 36 hours of good weather. Wind over 12 meters per second can be fatal.
When the beam is one the ground the legs will be lifted off the boogies that has transported the crane along the tracks. From Germany a 140 meters high crane has come to take care of this.