What would you do if you woke up one morning and all your savings had vanished? Argentina goes bankrupt and many of its inhabitants who once lived a comfortable life suddenly became poor.

Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Gertten followed a nice middle class family during three years, 2002 -2005. From the crisis that punished the middle class to the heartbreaking moment of emigration and a new beginning in Spain. Before, The Borroni family's future was bright: Oscar had it all: he managed an oil company, had a great house, new car, American Express, Visa and Master Card. He travelled to the United States, Mexico and Europe. His wife Maria del los Angeles Kelez studied medicine and their three children attended private schools.

But one day it was all over. The national crisis switched over to a personal one. The family had a $100.000 mortgage on the house but no income. Maria becomes an expert at the barter movement to survive without cash, swapping things and this way manages to keep the family alive without money. They struggle to prevent their house from being auctioned, and finally decide to sell everything and leave the country. This is a film about losing faith in ones home country and starting from zero in another, leaving loved ones behind. AN ORDINARY FAMILY shows the struggle to recover dignity and identity. Yet it is not a dark film as the Borroni's teach us in a human, loving and modest way how you can overcome such a crisis as in fact they are an extra ordinary family.

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An Ordinary Family - Nordisk Panorama

Malmö, Sweden

Cinema Panora, Argentine Film Festival

Malmö, Sweden

CNEX Documentary Festival

Taipei, Taiwan

International Documentary Film Festival EDOC

Quito, Ecuador

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Istanbul, Turkiet

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Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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International Festival of Independent Cinema

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

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