A six minute long cinema film about the dreams
and the people surrounding the construction of the Öresund Bridge.

A playful story about some of the elements that compose our time: Optimism for development, and at the same time anxiety and panic over the same inexorable optimism.

In the film a little girl plays the violin when the Swedish bigest pear-cultivation is devastated. Here the traffic to the bridge will pass. At the stock exchange in Copenhagen the prophets of the business industry repeats a new magic word that they hope will turn out to be real.
The police arrest Death becuase he has revealed truths about the environment threat.
The bridge director, Sven Landelius, proudly tells that as a child he played with mekano. A man with a bike is ready to take to war against Sweden, so that Skåne finally can merge with Denmark.

One sound, but still two people.

Production details

Produced by: Westman & Gertten AB
Genre: Short film
Length: 6 min.
Production year: 2000
Screening format: 35 mm
Director: Fredrik Gertten & Lars Westman
Producer: Fredrik Gertten
Cut: Niels Pagh Andersen
Sound: Ministi Film
Music: Conny Malmqvist & Hans Åkerhjelm
Film consultant: Bo-Erik Gyberg.

Produced by Westman & Gertten AB with support of the Swedish Film Institute.