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From Malmö with Love - review by Henrik Hamrén

19 YEAR-OLD ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC sits on a train contemplating his future in football: “When I turn pro I’m gonna have a Diablo – that’s a Lamborghini … a purple Diablo.” The scene is taken from the 2002 documentary film True Blue 2 (Vägen tillbaka – Blådårar 2), by Stefan Berg and the Gertten brothers,Fredrik and Magnus.

JUST ABOUT EVERYONE WHO LIVES IN MALMÖ remembers that scene. It was before Ibrahimovic’s move to Ajax and the celebrated back heel for his country in the Euro championships, before his multi-million contract with Juventus. Before Zlatan became “Ibra” on the world football stage. It’s easy to see why the two films about the Malmö FF football club were such a success. They have all the sure-fire ingredients of a documentary: a build-up of tension, strong emotions, a dramatic shift from darkness to light, not to mention a sulky star who finally comes good and saves the day. “It was a shot in the dark, really,” says Magnus Gertten. “We just went up to Sveriges Television and said: Hi – we want to make a film about Malmö FF. It probably wasn’t the best formulated film idea they’d ever heard, but finally they gave it the go ahead.” It was a wise decision – the film was an immediate hit. And since then, Berg and the Gertten brothers have been making films at a cracking pace, leading the way in the so-called “Malmö Wave” of Swedish documentary films.

Read the whole review "From Malmö with Love - You´d better watch out. The underdogs are coming" by Henrik Hamrén in Made in Sweden #4 2004 - the magazine abut swedish film.

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