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Producer - Margarete Jangård

margarete [at] wgfilm.com

Margarete Jangård



Margarete Jangård is a producer, focusing mainly on creative documentaries. After ten years at WG Film she stands behind films such as BANANAS!*, Love Always, Carolyn, I bought a rainforest, Milkbar, The socialist, the Architect and the Twisted Tower and more. She has a background in commercials and advertising, which she worked with for almost 20 years. Now supplemented by several years of international networking around Europe, USA and Canada.


  • Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas (2017) Directed by Joakim Demmer
  • Becoming Zlatan (2016) Directed by Fredrik Gertten & Magnus Gertten
  • Bike vs Cars (2015) Directed by Fredrik Gertten
  • Maria and her shadow (2013) Directed by Fredrik Ollerstam
  • Big boys gone bananas! (2012) Directed by Fredrik Gertten
  • Love Always, Carolyn (2011) Directed by Maria Ramström, Malin Korkeasalo
  • I Bought a Rainforest (2010) Directed by Jacob Andrén, Helena Nygren
  • Bananas! (2009) Directed by Fredrik Gertten
  • Burma VJ (2008) Directed by Anders Östergaard, (co producer)
  • Final Image (2009) Directed by Andrés Habegger, (co producer)
  • Milkbar (2006) Directed by Terese Mörnvik & Ewa Einhorn
  • Thin Ice (2006) Directed by Håkan Berthas
  • Belfast Girls (2006) Directed by Malin Andersson
  • Sossen, Arkitekten och det Skruvade huset (2005) Directed by Fredrik Gertten
  • An Ordinary Family (2005) Directed by Fredrik Gertten