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About Loveboat
About the Director

You may call it a escape, for this is not how I thought my life would turn out.

After four years, it is over with my boyfriend. I thought we would get children together but that’s not how it went. And it accually hurts…

This is my boat. A cargo ship, 180 meters long, 27000 tonnes in weight and 25 men strong. I met some sailors who enticed with a vacant cab and I took my chance. I’m 28 years old and I yearn for life, something that makes me quiver.

I just need to get away.

The adventure is waiting around the corner. I go to sea. Before I go on board, I get a letter from the crew. Or is it perhaps a wish list?

On board the ship.

Bas, Wouter, Rorik. They are so different, but I find that they have the same yearning, the same thoughts and concerns. Just like me. Is that why we have become so close to each other?

Of all 25 on board I’m drawn to these specific men. We laugh together and the difficulties at home suddenly feels so distant.

The sea out there is so great and powerful…

I get closer to these people. And if they fight for my attention?

Then who am I fighting? Maybe I’m just fighting with myself.

Now I feel much stronger, still longs for the great love, but I know that life is full of opportunities. And adventures.

Anna Norberg, born in 1974, grew up in Falkenberg. Began as a news photographer on a newspaper. Has worked as a photographer on feature films, as a camera operator and editor at local television and have produced short films and documentaries in collaboration with others. “Loveboat” is her first own-made documentary.


Production info

Title: Loveboat

Genre: Documentary

Production year: 2003

Length:25 min


Director: Anna Norberg

Producers: Fredrik Gertten

Editor: Isabella Eklöf