Maria and her shadow

About Maria And Her Shadow
About the Director

This is the story of Maria, a person like you and me… only she’s the best boxer in the world.

Aged 21, Maria suffers a cerebral haemorrhage during a boxing match. She makes a miraculous recovery but her true fight begins when she wants to return to the ring. The Swedish Boxing Federation won’t let her fight because of the accident, her mother is reluctant to even hearing Maria talk about boxing, and wherever in the world she travels to fight, it seems like someone is trying to stop her, as if a shadow was following her every step of the way…

This is the story of Maria, a person like you and me… only she’s the best boxer in the world.

Fredric Ollerstam has been active as producer and project manager within Film, IT/Media for more than 16 years. His knowledge within both film and business is extensive and in conjunction with his creative mind, go-getter attitude makes him a strong team member.

As a pioneer within multimedia and his deep understanding how things work both online and offline. An ability most appreciated today.

At the moment Fredric is also the producer of PingPongFilms two upcoming feature films “Headchopper” and “LFO”.

Since 2011, Fredric has been active as Local Swedish producer for the project One Day On Earth–project in collaboration with UN, Red Cross, WWF and other NGOs. The ODOE-documentary will be the first film in history to have a global premier in every country on our planet.

Fredric made his directorial debut with documentary ”Maria and her shadow” – produced by WG-Film, Sweden.


Production info

Title: Maria and Her Shadow

Genre: Documentary

Release year: 2013

Length: 59 min


Director: Fredric Ollerstam

Producers: Margarete Jangård

Executive Producer: Fredrik Gertten

Editor: Jesper Osmund, Benjamin Binderup

With support from: The Swedish Film Institute – Cecilia Lidin & the Media Programme of the European Union


Nordisk Panorama FF, Malmö, Sweden 2013

DocLounge, Malmö, Sweden 2013