Travel with siluette

An encounter with the African savannah and Nordic cross-country skiing. Between traditional dancers from Tanzania and well educated, modern dancers from Europe and USA. Skånes Dance Theatre´s performance Siluett awoke great attention when it toured in Scandinavia and East Africa 1998-2000.

The Swedish choreographer Lena Josefsson grew up in a missionary home in Congo-Kinshasa. She first came to Sweden as a fifteen year old. In this performance she is making an attempt of releasing both of her identities. The documentary ”Travel with Siluett” is following the rehearsal work in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Astonishingly beautiful exercises on the beach where white and black dancers carefully try to get to know each other.

In the film we see some of the most stunning and provoking scenes of the performance recorded on the market, and on the stage in Bagamoyo with an astonished audience, or on the large stage of Malmö City Theatre, where the lighting is magnificent.


Director: Fredrik Gertten & Lars Westman

Producer: Fredrik Gertten

Cut: Ulrika Rang

Sound: Martin Hennel


Production info

Title: Travel with siluette

Genre: Documentary

Production year: 2000

Length: 50 min