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True Blue

“The blue colour of Malmö FF was dropped into my eyes by an angel when I was born.”

These are the words used by writer Björn Ranelid to explain the feelings a devoted fan has for his team.

This documentary presents the supporters of Malmö FF, who will do anything for their team whether they win or lose. True Blue fans don´t mind if they have to drive 1500 miles to Croatia for a cup match to cheer on their team, no matter what weather may be.

The film also presents the players, both young and old, and their dreams and disappointments. The board of directors, who rule with their power and money, try to please both their players and their True Blue Fans.

True Blue is a film for anyone who ever supported a team, be it Malmö FF or any other. A passionate documentary about the life of and around Malmö FF, the team with the skyblue outfits, that is the most succesful football club ever in Sweden.

The main character in True Blue is Lasse Nilsson,  a 27-years old supporter who is unemployed and who never misses a match.

As the camera zooms in on him at the supporter stand, observing his emotional turmoils during Malmö FF:s games, he becomes a reflective image of the innumerable footballfans in Sweden and Europe.


Production info

Title: True Blue

Genre: Documentary

Production year: 1998

Length: 85 min


Director: Fredrik Gertten, Magnus Gertten & Stefan Berg

Producers: Fredrik Gertten & Magnus Gertten

Editor: Jesper Osmund

With support from: The Swedish Film Institute


ZagrebDox International Documentary Film Festival Zagreb, Croatia 2008

Docs, Thessaloniki Greece 2008

Skånska Filmdagarna Malmö, Sweden 2008

Slow food film festival Bologna, Italy 2009