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This is WG Film

Since 1994, in love with local stories with a global impact. We have survived over the years only producing high end documentaries. Films that engage audiences all over the world. In an era where traditional media is in a deep crisis, the genre of documentaries is stronger and more needed than ever. We feel that energy from the daily emails, tweets and posts we receive.

WG Film has extensive experience from working with films as a tool to create change. Films like Bananas!*, Burma Vj, Big Boys Gone Bananas!*, I bought a Rainforest and Bikes vs Cars have been used by many as tools to talk about the environment, climate, human rights, freedom of speech and city planning. Now our latest productions Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas and PUSH follow on that tradition.  

Engagement with our community is a huge priority. Our work with outreach has become a critical component of our company. We have built up a community of over 50,000 people. By keeping our audience close, we get inspiration and energy back, something that is really needed in documentary “business” where money never is easy. That’s why we also need you as a friend. ACT NOW.

We are proud to have films selected to festivals like IDFA, Sundance, Berlinale, Cannes, Hot Docs, SXSW and CPH:DOX, but we are just as pleased with our films flying to hundreds of other cool festivals around the world. In addition, theatrical releases, special screenings, broadcasts, DVD, VOD, Netflix, iTunes and all of our films on Vimeo on Demand.


We’re on a mission, to create films that inspire change towards a better world. But we need your help to be able to keep spreading the word. Support our films by donating to our Paypal by pressing the button below.

Outreach Strategist
Junior Producer
Producer / Outreach Producer
Technical Manager (on maternity leave)

Film idea

WG Film is always looking for new, interesting projects and the directors that can bring them to light. If you have an idea, don’t hesitate to contact us at film@wgfilm.com


We are always looking for interns to work with us. Send a few lines about your background and what you’re interested in working with to kerstin@wgfilm.com

How it all started

Our History

It all started when veteran filmmaker Lars Westman and Fredrik Gertten teamed up to make of film about the construction of the bridge connecting our hometown Malmö with Copenhagen. Walking on Water —  A huge project. It took five years and meanwhile other film projects where born. Local films about the transition of Malmö, including the early films about Malmö FF – True Blue and The Way Back, featuring a young Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Lars Westman left the company and moved to Brazil in 2000. Since then, Fredrik Gertten is the sole owner of WG Film, but with a strong partnership with Margarete Jangård, who has been running the daily operations for the past 12 years.

Understanding that Swedish documentary film needed stronger structures and stronger producers, WG Film set off with the goal of creating better conditions for the sort of documentary film that we love. The company has grown out of necessity – it is hard today for a documentary filmmaker to manage on his own if he wants to make films with high artistic and technical quality. High-end films needs a long editing process and some energy remaining for the release. We have created good conditions for that by financing our films internationally.

Today as always, we mostly work with long, time-consuming film projects, often with a production time of more than two years, sometimes even longer. We have had the time to develop the skill of managing large quantities of recorded material and turning that into strong documentary films like Love Always, Carolyn, Milkbar, Belfast Girls, Maria and Her Shadow. WG film also co produce with friends from all over the world, Burma VJ, Final Image, The Man Who Saved the World.

Our films meet new viewers every day, so far in over 100 countries. Do you want to organize your own screening just contact us (glynnis [at] wgfilm.com). We love audience.